Sages & Scientists

SagesA groundswell of knowledge and insight has been building and its shared message is this: There is something else, a dimension of reality beyond the material world. Beyond the things we see, but in our midst.

I found myself in a deep conversation about life with a not so ordinary person.  We were sharing stories of what it meant to pursue dreams. One of us striving to make a difference in the world and one of us already significantly having done so. We spoke of finding that link that connects the seemingly too lofty– to the dreams within our grasp. He looked me in the eye and told me to stick to my mission; simple as that.  We traded philosophies and we both listened as the other spoke.  Not one of us was superior to the other. Before we parted ways he told me confidently that I could achieve whatever it was I set my mind on and walked away as normally as one of us 7.3 billion would. That man walking away was Va Shiva Ayyadurai, the creator of something called e-mail. And he created it when he was only 14 years old.

I recently had the honor to attend the 2013 Sages & Scientists Symposium in Carlsbad, California, moderated by Deepak Chopra.  The main objective of the annual conference is to nurture a global alliance committed to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.  Here I met with world leaders, social entrepreneurs, visionaries and organizations to convert sustainable ideas into tangible assets.

For centuries, modern science has rejected the idea of transcendent realities.  The sensational success of modern science on the technological front has enabled human beings to shape raw materials and achieve what would have been considered magic in earlier ages. Consider what seems so ordinary to us today; machines that fly, computers that hold almost infinite data and pills that make pain disappear.  Technology has been an unstoppable juggernaut, rolling over human biological naturalism, yet has delivered unimaginable power and comfort. But in recent times, another voice has made itself heard, and that is the roar of rising pandemonium.

Heart disease, cancer, moral impurities, financial meltdowns, environmental disobedience, a worldwide imbalance of consumption over available natural resources… The list goes on and on. The Sages & Scientists Symposium addresses world transformation in an unprecedented way.  The merging of a new future is explored in a contemporary synthesis where science and spirituality coexist comfortably. Deepak Chopra’s foundation seeks to merge these qualities and seek the limitless.  These objectives lie in direct accordance of the Frenchwellness Guide to Sustainable Living.

Many world visionaries took the stage to address areas of concern.  Arianna Huffington stressed that burnt up people are not going to build a sustainable planet; they are going to burn it up. Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, made it clear that we are all born leaders and that it is up to each one of us to make things happen. I thought of Archimedes timeless words, “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.”

Diane Nash, a pioneer in the civil rights movement conveyed that oppression always requires cooperation of the oppressed. I listed to Dr. Clarence Jones speak of his relationship with Dr. Martin Luther King and his memories of drafting the famous “I Have a Dream” speech. I listened to comedian Jim Carey speak of using Hollywood movies as a platform to breed positive influences rather than moral obscenity, crime and selfishness. The common theme was consciousness. An awareness that in order to live sustainably, one must be at peace with their inner being as well as with their external environment.


I returned home with an overflowing mug of inspiration.  And as much talking as I heard over the weekend one message was clear when I left- You don’t just talk about a problem. You do something about it.

World transformation is in our midst. These are urgent times for such a meeting of the minds. So whether you are a proponent of objective science or a devout spiritualist, we all must realize that working together will benefit us and the world we live in. A better future lies within this action.



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