The Good Life

Cleveland ConnectThis story is about a man of high regard who has fought the good fight. Who he is and where he lives does not matter, but what does is his journey. He has experienced a lot of pain in his life, and unfortunately for him, his life has been born out of volatility. His great journey has been a gritty energy expenditure of fending off capricious contradiction until the point in which he ultimately reached an equilibrium. A point in which the storm clouds dissipated and he found peace.  Perhaps one of the reasons why his life initially seemed so savagely complex is that the natural tendency of the universe is to increase its randomness, but he came to find that what is hidden within immense randomness is, paradoxically, an evermore intricately woven organization. And that unraveling these twisted, convoluted plots is what made his journey a potent one.

He was stuck in yet another Friday afternoon LA traffic jam. Amongst the colossal chaos an exponentially increasing number of drivers began shaking their fists, hurling slurs, and blowing their horns. Yet he thought to himself, “They all have a respective destination.”  And he peeled back the canvas until he could see that the greater the pandemonium on that LA traffic way, the more deeply organized the chaos was. Each person was a separate puppet, and he imagined all the strings which guided each of these distinct organisms being pulled by the same set of hands.  This is synchronicity, coincidence, and intuition. He thought carefully, “These invisible strings are part of the veiled mask that links us all together.”  He had a true desire to see the world from a different perspective, and that didn’t take place until he had invested many years of experience. The esteemed man had enough space left to know that who he was that day would also continue to change and grow. He did not have the anguish and the anxiety of youth. He arrived at a place where he was very comfortable with himself. His curiosity was no longer weighed down with fear. He was able to step into a place of vulnerability, a place where his fears could stare him stoically in the face and he would not cower, but instead he would tell himself “If I conquer myself then I will conquer the world.”

He knew he couldn’t just flip a switch to accomplish his dreams. The man that persistently pursued his dream ultimately possessed his dream.  He evolved. He gave himself a chance to get distracted. He learned which path was his. He realized he could no longer blindly march down a single path, because he would never understand why the path was his. He told his son that evening when he got home, “You have to waste time. Leaving one foot in an abyss and the other in practical reality is how we explore the adventurous parts of the human journey.”  Yes, waste time but never waste space. The good man must continue creating every day.

Great expectations demand a great intellect and great intelligence. “The most genius of work tends to blossom out of the most barren of ideal resources” -Donny Smutz.  We’re supposed to wallow, to go through the desert without water for a long time so that when we finally take a drink there will be a true need for it and we won’t spill a drop. We have to learn to appreciate blessings so that we will not take things for granted.

The good life is measured by the obstacles a man overcomes in while trying to succeed. It’s not about where you’re going, or where you’ve been. It’s about the journey in between. That’s the good life.


10 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. when I come up 355 to I88 in Chicago at 5:00 pm, I come around the ramp and as far as I can see there must be 10,000 cars in both directions, barely moving shining in the setting sun. As much as I dread it, it still strikes me as beautiful every time I see it.

  2. Fantastic and intriguing. I enjoyed this very much. It’s engaging, thought-provoking, and full of lovely imagery. Thanks so much for sharing it! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. =)

  3. I have to say the last quote really stood out for me, “The good life is measured by the obstacles a man overcomes in while trying to succeed. It’s not about where you’re going, or where you’ve been. It’s about the journey in between. That’s the good life.” I think that quote just says it all, its about the journey to our success, and we definitely tend to forget that. Thanks so much for that reminder 🙂

  4. I truly appreciate it. Often when we dream or imagine what we want, it seems to be in a specific form in our mind. When that doesn’t come true, there is doubt anyone or anything is there listening. Yes, enjoying the journey as it happens is important, it is also important to be open the possibilities, no matter how it shows up. I have learned to ask for what I want but in terms of “this or something better”. That gives the Universe so many options and possibilities.


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