The Bliss of Failure

Without turbulence life is monotonous, boring and incomplete.

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So many lessons of the past have illustrated what life offers when you don’t give something your all. Relationships blemish and all things pass you by. Sad stories come from when you realize your potential and fail to grasp it.

It could have been. It should have been.

They say ignorance is bliss, but why not light these darkened corners? Why not dream the unimaginable? Someone is going to fill the spot containing your wildest dreams someday, so why not do everything to make that someone be yourself?

I once wrote a manifesto on how I’d like my life to end up. It was filled with clichés like “no regrets” and “make a difference in the world”. But time has passed and I’ve begun to notice failure is a common theme among those who become successful. A wise and nameless man once said, “The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried.”

So that is what I want to do. I want to fail. I want to fail repeatedly; because this is the only way to know I’m giving it my all. And the thing I must realize is that I must always forge ahead no matter how many times I fail. Someday perhaps I’ll learn a language, but it won’t be until after I’ve embarrassed myself a thousand times. One day long ago I learned to ride a bicycle, but this didn’t happen until I’d crashed and failed time and time again. Standing in this present moment, I look back and see how much I’ve already failed, and I am thankful that I did — that I endured all of the pain — because without it, I would have never grown and never would have stood back up to press forward to today.

By no means is anyone ever finished growing. I expect life will bring me many more heart-wrenching failures. Even those who race towards the top never actually reach it. What would humanity ever do if sat content on the peak of its potential?

The people at the top eventually realize money is not what makes them happy; they realize the loving family they create needs constant molding to sustain, and they see that without room for improvement, without turbulence — life is monotonous, boring and incomplete.

According to the laws of nature, opposing forces are what creates. I’ve learned this is a law in the intangible world as well; for without the ups and downs, the giving and receiving, this chaotic world we live in screeches to a halt.

What is success if there is no failure? Plants wither from too much sunlight all the same as too much darkness. When all is static, all is lost.

The road to success is always cluttered with failure. But we need to stop and feel the failure beat through our veins because it is the very essence of the journey. What is the value of success if you’ve never tasted the bitterness of failure?

When I stand upon my greatest failure I’ll know I’ve reached the brink of success.


7 thoughts on “The Bliss of Failure

  1. As one who has experienced a fair (if not more than fair) share of failure, I can attest to its value, lessons, ability to yield clarity and, to strengthen. Yet “bliss’ is not a word I would quickly align with failure. Insight, grounding, awakening – yes… still, bliss (for me) doesn’t scream inclusion. Simply semantics. 🙂

    1. I get in debates with my professors all of the time about how ‘Labeling is limiting and language is art!’ But art is only beautiful if it means something for the observer. Bliss of failure is like saying misery of success. Everything has its flip-side and one thing I always try to do is turn the negatives into positives however/whenever I can see something from a different perspective.

  2. Through failures we discover the beauty of our purpose, the light in our darkest of night. Through failures we see the worth of life we have.we are more amazing and beautiful for we have been broken. Keep on inspiring us Mr.Aaron 🙂

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