They are all we ever have. 

It is a natural law of the world, that time will pass with unyielding persistence. The most horrific hurricanes will occur, as will the most magical moments of falling in love, that first kiss, the wedding, the moments of triumph, and of grief, the army who wins the war, the girl who has a spectacular performance amongst the thousands who fill every seat in the auditorium.  When she sings the last note, the crowd roars in applause, the lights shine on her face, and she experiences love, appreciation, and the energy of life.  This moment is the manifestation of the countless hours, and sleepless nights that she sacrificed.  This crescendo is the currency life pays us for aspiring to achieve our wildest dreams.

But in the blink of an eye, each seat will be empty. Spilled popcorn will fill the aisles. The lights from the catwalk will dim, no longer blinding her into a euphoric state and the curtain will close. She will gracefully walk the aisles alone and realize that her magical moment is over, and will forever remain as nothing more than a nostalgic memory, boundlessly waning deeper and deeper into the depthless depths of her universe. The boy who saw the light in the girl’s eyes will eventually steal the first kiss. The exhilaration will fade and the two lovers will eventually forget that, at one time they lived in their respective worlds, not knowing the other existed.

Previous to these moments unfolding, all that has not yet manifested is contained within a delicate capsule of pure potential. And for each of these magical evenings when their potential is ultimately achieved — the moment shall be seized, because its midnight too will succumb to fate — and each moment will inevitably become the victim of time’s inherent march through existence.

We wish these moments would last forever, but the truth is, they don’t.  They are here, and then they are gone. They are of the evanescent.  This is why such moments are so sacredly treasured.  There are special days in each of our lives when we sit down and know we will remember the day forever.

Someday, I want to look at the empty stadium, the battlefield vacant of any human activity but still bellowing with smoke — I want to drive past the empty parking lot that I kissed my wife in for the first time — I want to look at all of these things and have the memories of love, of laughter, and of a wonderful life.  And when I look at these places I will see the ghosts of past, present, and the future. I know that this, right now, is the moment I can choose to make this ghost one that will echo through eternity in the midst of a great delight.

My Manifesto-

When time marches to me I want to stand at the top of the mountain and look down with a smile on my face, not wishing to change anything. I want to know that when I lay down that evening I will glow white, as angels do, because when I bowed to the audience they threw roses at my feet, and they will talk about my performance for the years to come. I want to know that I made them smile, and that I made little boys and little girls dream, dream such as they would grow up and change the world someday. The only remnants left will be moments. Moments that are frozen in time, lingering as ghosts throughout the dusty skies for eternity. God, whatever form he is, will find my name written in affection in the hearts of many men, and all across the world I relentlessly traversed by air, by land, and by sea.  So when I take my final bow, and all that is left are rose pedals at my feet, and memories of bliss that fill the empty auditorium, I will be satisfied, because this is what heaven is to me.


10 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Hello again! Funny we have all of eternity at our finger tips and most of us want to remember a moment in the past. I guess there’s eternity in a moment from the past. But isn’t that the same moment forever? Nicely written post well done. Made me stop and think. Boy, did that hurt. Until next time take care.

  2. Thought-provoking and a pleasure to read. Even memory itself fades and passes on with time. Moments are captured and hang on through decades, or maybe centuries, and then even they fall prey to corruption, decay, and dust. The world is fading away

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