The Great Team

You’ll never get there on your own.  Everything and everyone is part of “The Great Team” that has made you who you are today.

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Talent and aptitude do not manifest from thin air, but from a carefully fabricated concoction of social structures, transcendent love and self-fulfilling paths of action. One cannot achieve anything in life without the interconnected network of giving and receiving. Creation takes teamwork and its very seeds will never root in the solitude of a dry, malnourished state.

Creation would never be if it were not for the endless chain that endows an individual with their current circumstance. This endless chain I will refer to as “The Great Team”, which bestows the collaborative effort of all things that bring one to their present moment.

I take this moment of self-reflection to consider the countless hands that have helped me along the way. I must say hands, as well as hooves, wings, mountains, storms, stars, and light; for each have lent an immeasurable contribution to “The Great Team” that has made me who I am today.

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At times I’ve been pushed and others I’ve been guided; sometimes along the path of progress and others alongside trial and error. Failure and triumph are the craftsman of experience and both use the common tool of time. “The Great Team” knows that no matter where you go — whether near or far — it will never take you there alone.

I mentioned how hooves have been one of my aides; the first time I began to pay attention to “The Great Team” I was walking through a treeless prairie. I’d released a herd of dairy cattle from the concrete slab of their confined enslavement and watched them dance across the field. The prairie was a velvet pillow in comparison to the bone buckling force of a one-ton animal atop the unforgiving foundations of a milking parlor. One would think they’d surfaced from the deepest depths of an ocean gasping for air — air so vital, so precious, and so necessary that it contained the secret catalyst that sent lifeblood coursing through their throbbing hearts.

A spirit shot throughout the herd and you could feel the lightness of a cheerful contagion. If cows indeed have smiles, these smiles are what overtook the herd I’d found myself among. Perhaps it was “The Great Team” conspiring, illuminating an insight within that said, “Sometimes you are immune to your confined and limiting circumstances”.

Something is waiting to unlock the gate so your soul can dance along the velvet soil as the cows did. It takes individual reflection to outshine the blemishes of an inhibiting elite. Nevertheless, would you like to be a cow that jumps the fence, only to frolic through the hills alone, or would you rather contribute to the team, so those beyond you inherit a better tomorrow?


2 thoughts on “The Great Team

  1. An interesting perspective, Aaron, one which contains merit.

    In my decades of life experiences, trials, challenges, successes, failures, learning, gifting, teaching, and receiving — I have actually known and seen lone wolves in action. These wolves chose to chart their own courses, create the resources needed to manifest unusually unique vision(s), and heed a non-conformist calling, drawing largely on their own energy, knowledge, and dreams. I’ve seen a handful of them succeed, absent acknowledgment of “The Great Team,” despite a cadre of naysayers and people insisting they had to collaborate with others as well as partner in a collective consciousness.

    I’m not necessarily condoning an exclusive ‘go it alone’ approach to things, especially if they are significant endeavors. But one can sans attribution to anyone or anything else.

    With clarity, I hear and ‘get’ this concept and it’s beautiful! Yet I’m unsure it’s a one-size-fits-all belief or a blanket explanation for all journeys and outcomes. Be they a success or a failure.

    Respectfully shared,

    A grounded spirit here in the desert

    1. Thanks Eric,

      This comment really stimulated my thinking!

      My perspective on this is that one is made up of all their past experiences. They can manipulate future progression of these trends by altering intentions set forth. Experience accumulates from trial and error and triumph. There are certainly “teams” one will not want to conform to. They can break away and pave their own path much like that of a lone-wolf — but along this path, the most unlikely of sources can be the greatest sources of inspiration.

      Perhaps a far and distant notch within “The Great Team” can be a beautiful sunset that illuminates nature’s beauty and causes one to see deeper. Perhaps it will be a homeless man that gives one a compliment or an insult; and for some reason a remark from this homeless man will penetrate much deeper than if it came from someone that had something more to lose.

      There are things that happen which are deeply engrained and have made one who they are in the present day. What if someone was locked in a dark room with sensory deprivation forever? Nothing coming in, nothing going out, no exchanges with the world to shape them as a universal being… They would die before long. They would become a psychopath after a specific amount of time. Buddha sat in the forest but he was only in the solitude of a particular kind. He was separated from the “teams” of human interaction, but a great and glorious nature revealed in him a profound enlightenment.

      Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “I can’t remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I’ve eaten. Even so, both have made me.” Of course, self-determination is vital to reaching higher potential, although what makes someone who they are is the constant universal collaboration that gets them there. Individual realized potential is an integral ingredient necessary for one to achieve, but one’s success is actually a great success for the endless chain that enabled them to get there.

      Eric, you have joined my great team! You pose questions that make me self-reflect. I appreciate the intellectual stimulation you are bringing to my life!

      Kind regards,

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