Dancing with Nature

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” – Carl Jung

Some argue that we’ve transcended the boundaries of nature. Some argue that we never will. 

The seemingly infinite sprawl of nature once caused humanity to obey its great forces, wander at its vast mysteriousness and unite with its omniscience in a spiritual embrace.

There were songs of the wind, stories written by wise eyes of the forests, breathing ocean tides, elegant maps of the cosmos and tales of great journeys where seafaring explorers and courageous adventurers forged into the great unknown frontiers.

Nature was a dance partner whose face had yet to be revealed, yet as this masquerade has advanced we have recently reached a critical juncture. We’ve been riding on a crescendo of separation from nature that is simultaneously unraveling our minds from our hearts — and this relentless march has recently revealed an insight that we’ve forgotten: Nature and humanity are of the same essence.

We flew away in spaceships, and once we looked back, we were able to see with whom we’ve been dancing this entire time. What we see is a fragile blue ball with swaths of green and slashes of white; this mesmerizing and vibrant island in the cosmos. Just when we thought we had conquered the world, we have realized that we are on the brink of conquering ourselves. Earth and humanity are interwoven, but the dependency is not mutual — we need the earth, but the earth does not need us.

We’ve realized economic development does not always correlate with human development. We’ve realized that selfishness is irrational behavior and that cooperation is for our own self-interest.

In the height of intellectual discovery, we’ve realized the legitimacy of wisdom traditions. Perhaps ancestral knowledge is not just unenlightened nonsense. Perhaps the interconnectivity of complex natural systems cannot be traced through a mechanistic worldview and perhaps our dormant intuition must be aroused to once again listen to the songs of the wind.

We’ve seen we are dancing with a beautiful blue earth within a sea of darkness that flows beyond a distant blazing sun — but the masquerade persists — and perhaps forever will until we realize that this dance is sacred. Until we melt into unity with nature we won’t progress past the limitations of today. We will create the more beautiful world we all know is possible once the innate intelligence of nature is expressed through the human creative genius.

Our wisdom traditions have come face to face with scientific discovery. Will the two clash with imperialistic force that contradicts the legitimacy of one over the other or will the two fuse together in a transformative partnership that creates a more peaceful, just and sustainable tomorrow?

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