Open & Unaware

Separated by a raging river, two young lovers could only watch together from a distance as the sun set beyond the hills. The boy emerged from an opening in the forest and sat on a fallen log as soon as the first streak of lavender overcame the sky. This was long before boats and bridges were conceived in the hearts and minds of men.

The girl had never seen the sun set from this particular bend in the river. The way the bank was bent allowed the light to shine in such a way that it unrolled a golden carpet across the surface of the water. She had come to the river this particular evening to fill her clay pot with water and was too preoccupied with what she saw to notice the boy sitting across the river on his mossy log.

Now and then the setting sun would light the sky in a way that was especially remarkable. On days as such one was forced to shield a hand above their eyes if they wished to witness the full beauty of the falling sun. The girl smiled and without looking across the river the boy felt a draft of wind that brought an imperceptible joy. This subtle drift must have reached the birds as well for in this instance they began to sing a melody that caused the boy and the girl to sway together in unison though they sat a great distance apart.

Soon the boy noticed a sliver of light atop the water connecting him to the sun as well. The two lovers, although they never spoke, both felt for a moment that their lives had crossed with something indefinably special. As the last ray of light faded beyond the hills, the boy and girl simultaneously rose and walked back into their separate forests, never knowing what existed and what could have been.

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