Meaningful Conversation

Screen shot 2015-04-22 at 11.17.40 AMCommunication is complex.

It’s how you say what you say and the silence between sentences. It’s in the singsong of your voice that one can detect if what you say comes from the depths of your heart or from somewhere shallow.

Negativity is toxic and one positive conversation can send beneficial ripples throughout an entire community.

More is revealed in conversation by looking into the eyes of a speaker than by hearing the words they say. Communication is a symphony. If you listen closely you will discover subtle clues that embody a deeper meaning.

Some people have a gift to speak so that they are easily understood. Others have the gift that they can understand.

Conversation is a beautiful gift that we have as humanity. It makes our relationships richer. It’s the way that we can express ourselves and share our inner world with one another.

Western society values clear expression. These are the people standing at the podium. There is great value in those who clearly understand, for conversation is a reciprocal act. When we talk we are dancing with another — the words we say are just the beat.

Look past the surface of conversation because understanding one another leads to greater knowledge and knowledge leads to freedom. When we are free we can love and when we can love we can give our lives meaning.

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