We stand looking outward to two eternities, the past and the future, and between these is the circuitry between our hearts and minds, enigmatically fusing the continuous stream of the present moment.

Consider the multitude of decisions that brought you to the here and now. Each time you desired to go left rather than right you put a dot on your life’s massive canvas. Eventually, you began to see something formulate amidst the ocean of independent dots. Chaos warped into order.

We look at the static canvas and find meaning. This process invokes an essence which makes our lives greater than the sum of this ocean of dots. You decide what to do next based on the contents of the image portrayed before you. What worked in the past? In what general direction will this next decision lead?

Each time you make a new decision you give this pre-existing image a reformed order and you see that you can change the past from the present simply by rearranging your projection.

You can transform your canvas by simply breaking away from the momentum of expectation and predictability that is connecting each dot with the next.

Events concentrate from past to present and as we look into the eternity of the future to witness the dissolution of the world as we know it our canvas dissolves and new meaning is ascertained and this meaning is what gives something an essence and having an essence means that it lives on mixing with something in the future and transcending time and space.

We are constantly recreating our narrative. We try to capture meaning, purpose and value from the essence that is constantly concentrating and dissolving before us and this meaning becomes a memory while the essence goes on to recreate.

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