Beyond the sites we see

Look at how incredibly small the snippet of visible light is relative to all light rays. This is what humans are consciously capable of seeing with the help of sensory neurons and their transmittance through photodiodes in the eye. These complex pathways diverge through visual centers in the cerebellum and translate information into the cerebrum where it is displayed as a conscious experience. The process of turning this light energy into a visual canvas is an amazingly complex interpretation mechanism, but most of the light spectrum exists beyond what we are physically capable of interpreting.

So what happens beyond the sites we see?

Our analytical brains are locked into a prison of conditioning analogous to that of a computer and it’s programmed binary code. We should all stop letting cultural influence input its carefully oriented ones and zeros and start looking at things as they really are beyond their interpreted constructs. Science only has methods for measuring things that can be measured and science is ideal for objective and tangible criteria.

There is a slice of the world we can make sense of, but what about the indefinable? What about the yet to be discovered and all of the questions that we’ve only answered at face value?

In the not too distant past visionaries were punished and ridiculed for arguing that the Earth anything but flat. Our knowledge is ever-evolving and in another hundred years we will have made currently inconceivable discoveries.

My question:

 If the visual light spectrum is so incredibly small then what happens to all the light that is not within those parameters? Do our eyes omit the rest or do infra-red, UV, radio and gamma waves have a subliminal effect on the things we see, the emotions we feel and the spiritual gravity that transforms us?

I have the same questions concerning sound waves and what we hear, smells that affect us only sub-consiously, magnetic fields and polarity and their effects on attraction and emotion. Interestingly enough, these sort of questions are beginning to be answered. Laser Therapy is used to treat damaged tissue using lasers that emit light beyond the visible spectrum. Significant findings of this therapy include increased mitochondrial production of ATP that allows injured organic tissue to respond with an increased time of recovery.

But western medical zealots too often yell heresy and salivate at vetoing progressive therapies that lack overwhelming scientific evidence. We are quite arrogant of our current scientific testing methods. I’m guessing that perhaps there is something beyond our dogmatic scientific rigor that could rationally explain how we are affected by the things we cannot see. There are plenty of scientists out there that are trying to explain the answers to seemingly ethereal questions concerning the potential of the human body but modern science is still a big leap away from arriving at exclusive conclusions containing the depth of that potential.

The human body is intelligent beyond our imagination. At a cellular level, micro-stimuli are understood and assimilated. This is innate intelligence and is perhaps the most profound method of comprehension in existence. Some call this universal intelligence and some describe this very notion as God.

Think of sound, music and your physical body. Sound works directly on the nervous system, diffusing energy through your body thus creating specific effects commensurate to the sound’s frequency and intensity. Think of a violin. The wind passing through the trees is music, the water descending from the mountains is music, the birds and animals are music. The whole of existence is a great orchestra.

There is no reason that we should all grow old and never take the time to enjoy the ecstasy of life and the glorious beauty of the world beyond that which our physical senses can explore. We constantly engage with a myriad of stimulants that never meet our level of consciousness. We need more spiritual power. We need to become more familiar with the things that are unseen. There is unlimited potential for us all to enjoy this life to the fullest but that is rare because we are so preoccupied that we never allow beautiful moments to erupt.

Look again at the visible light spectrum and ask yourself how much is going on in your world that you cannot see.

24 thoughts on “Beyond the sites we see

  1. Aaron, thank you for a very thought provoking post, I too believe that the ‘normal’ perceptions we have are only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. For example, when we perceive events which are out of the ordinary we often just blame the paranormal when in fact we may be unaware that we are experiencing and perceiving other phenomenon we don’t yet understand but is nevertheless ‘normal’ and well within our capabilities. The mind boggles as to what may yet come, the problem is, I would like to be alive long enough to see it all, alas!!!
    Regards SN

  2. Aaron, I did find time to read a little more, and I like this post. What is it that could possibly be unknown, that could escape understanding? Anything able to organize itself well enough to exist reveals every secret. There is no mystery. It is ignorance alone that separates us from enlightenment. No sacred text is written down. The sacred text is who you are and who I am. One only needs to know their self to understand.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I posted most of this reply on my blog.

  3. I think we are on the same page with this subject! How an idividual sees and interacts with colour is a fascinating subject. I look around and everywhere I see abstract forms, then I look at an abstract form and I start to see recognisable shapes. Colour has been used as a marker of identification within what we all refer to as the real world. When the use of colour is altered we are then able to play with what it is that we are looking at and give the shapes a whole new meaning. This in turn will perhaps expand our consiousness and increase our awareness of the extraordinary ordinary. At the very least we can have some fun trying!

  4. We all need to allow the information in and discover what happens when we do, when we become aware there is more to this perceptual world than we had imagined. Reality morphs.

  5. Aaron I read several of your posts and am duly impressed; very provocative! I agree there is much we don’t see, hear, touch, smell or perceive in this life. It shows the immensity of God in His beautiful and incomprehensible creation. frommyheart2u.

  6. Reblogged this on Energy of the Heart and commented:
    amazing. break free. rise above the surface. we must allow for our consciousness to tap into the existence and reality that was considered to be beyond our perception.

  7. The eye brings in the images like a camera, dispassionate and all encompassing. How we experience life depends on how our brain processes the raw data and delivers the finished film reel of life to our conscious perception. Presumably, the way to alter and filter more into your perception should all be in your brain. How to use it to get the desired results, is the question.

  8. Reblogged this on Cameron Stewart DC-S and commented:
    What a great insight to take a moment from your stressful, busy lives and just enjoy the world around you. The next time you feel the need to take a break, try this: shut off one of your senses and enjoy the world around you. Close your eyes, listen to the intricate sounds going on around you. Life is too precious to just being another molecule of water flowing down the stream. Become the twig, float down a while, stop and appreciate the world around you, the continue on with your journey.

  9. Aaron – Really enjoy this, especially your thoughts (and very interesting background) about sound. A nice sensory journey.

  10. Your comments on sound is something I have also been thinking of. I believe that every itty bitty particle in the universe has its own note. And this makes for an awesome orchestrial sound.

  11. Loved the post. Made me wonder if perhaps there were other beings that can only see what we don’t, and if they could possibly be living right beside us without out knowing about them, and they about us. Is that crazy?

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