A Different Perspective

The eagle flew down to the mouse. Horrified, the mouse surrendered his ball of cheese in which he had spent an entire month to gather. The eagle spoke placidly, “I have not come to eat you, or your cheese. Come fly with me.”  The eagle’s intentions were to demonstrate his dominance and ensure that the mouse would obey under any and all circumstances. And if the mouse did not, the eagle would not ruffle a feather towards his mercy.

The eagle flew skywards with the mouse clenched tightly within his razor sharp talons. Death of the mouse was only a reflex away. But the eagle observed something unexpected; the mouse looked intrigued, not nervous, as he should have been. The mouse, no longer able to conceal his excitement, let out a heart-warming cry, “This is the most beautiful view I have ever seen!”

The eagle thought to himself, “ I see this view every day and there is certainly nothing special about it. I’m flying with this feeble mouse clenched between my talons and all he cares about is the view?  Does he have a will to live?. Crazy mouse.”

The eagle, showing a glimmer of compassion, decided to take the mouse back home that day.

Upon returning the mouse to his dwelling where two nearby creeks converged, the mouse noticed a teardrop falling from the Eagle’s eye; an eye which was shiny and reflected the rippling water. Curious, the mouse asked, “What is wrong Eagle?”

The Eagle stretched his neck around slowly. His pupils were large so that the beauty of the terrain could fill his memory completely. Taking in every angle of the landscape, the Eagle finally replied, “I wish I were a creature of the land, not of the sky. The ground is so beautiful and green; it changes with every turn and every hill, and bustles with life at every tree and every river. I envy you Mouse. I look at the Earth everyday and wish I could plunge into it so I could swim beneath tranquil lakes with the fish, and crawl through intricately woven tunnels with the mice. I am lonely in the plain and monotonous sky.”

The mouse shook his head and crawled back into his hole, the walls made of dirt.

“Crazy Eagle.”

-Written by Aaron French

67 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. Wow. This was fantastic. What a great reminder about how important it is to remember that there are multiple perspectives. It is certainly a key to happiness.

  2. Yeah, we all want something we can’t have because we are tied to our taken-for-granteds; the eagle to the sky and the mouse to the earth. Each marveled in the world of the other seeing for the first time what the other found to be ordinary. Great post!

  3. A succinctly told little fable. Of course the really difficult thing is to make something complex seem simple but not simplistic. So our talent and not just our size or brute force can change our perspective.

  4. we all have different perspective to see or analyse things… we do value something or don’t based on our perspective… but no is right or wrong, we just need a better understanding…

  5. Yeah, crazy eagle! In all seriousness though, I always tell my kids that there will always be things you can’t have so it’s a good idea to learn to be happy with those precious things that you do have.

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