Flowpicture Flow is best thought of as a steady stream, like the course of wind and water. The state of flow is achieved when you are synchronized with what you are doing.

I remember standing on the edge of an Azerbaijani cliff staring into a barren valley that was once an ancient sea. The wind ripping around my face whipped up from far away oceans only hours before. I considered the water that once gushed through this same dried up route. The flow is still there, only its form is different.

As the wind wrapped around the contours of my face, I heard its soothing whoosh across the infinite grains of sand and I wondered where it would sweep next, whose face it would brush against tomorrow, whose ancient soul blew with it today.

I thought of what would happen if a steady flow of fire were to take the place of this wind.

The state of flow is not achieved through complete surrender. Flow is reaching a prolonged moment of perfection in which you are guided by something larger than logic.

When in a state of flow, creation comes in a way that could never be attained in a forced environment. Flow is a dance; it’s a willingness to be vulnerable. It is trust, not serendipity. A bird flies not by overcoming the air, but by encompassing it. It becomes itself the essence of the air.

Flow comes when you develop and position yourself as a conduit for your own nature for you are nature and flow is nature expressing itself through you and the best form of yourself will explode out of you if you just let nature flow through and through and through.

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