On Appearance

angels or demons

Written by Aaron French

Angles or Demons?

Culture distills distinction in genre. Reflections of realities.

Indefinable characteristics converge to construct overarching disposition. Once in a great while you’ll run across someone with a chemical fusion that is superior, disarming, elusive. A platonic run-in with one of these rarities inevitably results in desire to resemble, while a sexual attraction might just fry your brain.

What makes a luminary? Do we each see this constitutional makeup through different filters?

I’ll see someone inert inside, yet swaths of society won’t shut up about how great they are. Perhaps I’m blinded by false pretense. I wonder if others see the same beautiful radiating spirits that I do, or maybe if it’s a preference, like taste buds?

Regardless, it’s a true gift to find people that are lit like stars, as if they are here to show us greater possibilities, that life is more beautiful than what we’ve settled on.

This forces me to consider how I’m living. Not for what people see in me, but for what reality my appearances stand for.

Maybe it’s a repulsive rumination, as if we’re calculating, trying to maximize our embers within for our own benefit; which is probably the exact opposite way of achieving this ineffable quality, e.g. we can detect charade vs. authenticity.

For those who contain this quality — have they always had it? are they masters of persuasion? do they enhance their influence by sucking energy from people to fuel the luster of their own corona? Perhaps it is a zero sum game and victims are left withered, dry, and without ether. Or maybe it multiplies, spreading a surging vigor.

Those who own the rooms they walk into, those so comfortable in the space they occupy they make others want to occupy the same consternating space… are they demons who paralyze us, or angels who electrify?


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