Exposé Astray


Written by Aaron French

Inside this inner bubble, the world floats by, bobbling.

Cal looks up and sees strangers pass by.

They look down.

Cal tastes the sweet southern sun. He shuts his eyelids. They glow, luminescent.

Cal hums a tune and only the grass below seems to notice. Each blade flows to a societal rhythm.

The sun shreds through the trees.

There are birds and squirrels and various phylums pulsating among an intermittent breeze. The creatures ruffle and apply a zeal that shakes a few leaves free. Watch one sway its way to the dancing grass below and rest before Cal’s feet.

Cal dilates and exhales into a sublime sphere. He picks up the leaf sprawled before him and it closes like a fist. Secrets of a million eons contained inside its crimson veins.

Cautious of such delicate enigmas, Cal attempts to coax the leaf back open; an impulse for inquiry.

A boundless surge bellows through all that is and the leaf disintegrates.

Cal contracts; briskly inhales. The moment melts away, and slowly, from the hollow depths of a distant reverie, Cal looks up and sees strangers pass by.

They look down.

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