Love Letter to a Tree

I first saw you in a mighty forest

Among an endless sea of trees

Your leaves were backlit blushing red

And though your beauty made time freeze

I could hear you creak

Like the groan of ice breaking off a faraway cliff

On a sunny day

On a silent day

I heard you speak that day

As you stood strong and still

Like a commander of the wind

You hushed the world into a vast silence

But before it whooshed again

You let a velvet breeze of light shred through you

Through your charming breathless grin

And you revealed a mote unmoving

That churned a whoosh within

So I stepped inside your beam of light

And into a delightful inner swirl

That only occurs three or four times in a life

Given it’s a good one

And this was the moment you set me free

In the prism of your light stream

You showed me how to be

Despite the vines that entangled you

Despite the emerald moss that strangled you

Despite your countless knots and imperfections

You were and ever shall be a divine anomaly to me

So let me count your limbs

Let me count them in the wintertime

Let me count your every leaf on a summer morning

As your scarlet veins unfurl

And curl

To drop your dripping drops of dew

Into my spiral eyes

That gleam as I arise from a foggy dream starring you

My tree of trees

Whose branches are an atlas for my broken heart

That will not mend until we meet again

Until then

Stay you



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